Finding my ideal weight: Shopping

I was invited to a murder mystery birthday dinner party last weekend.  My invitation informed me that the dinner took place in 1940s Paris and my character, Barbra, was a rich, beautiful perfume heiress.  Costumes required.

Anyone who knows me knows that my closet isn’t exactly filled with anything that an heiress from any era would wear.  They also know that I’m not much of a shopper, at least not for clothing.  I sometimes wish my hospital marketing job required I wear scrubs.  Fashionable, I am not.

I ventured off to the thrift stores to search for something inexpensive and heiress-worthy.  I didn’t know what I was looking for, but hoped I’d know it when I saw it.  No luck.  I headed to the mall while cataloging my closet in my head, figuring I might just need to doctor up something I had lying around.  This was for a costume, after all, so I wasn’t willing to spend much money on something I’d literally wear one time.   Cheap, I am.

Modeling my new dress – in a smaller size than expected.

As I swept hangers across the dress rack in my size, I wasn’t seeing much.  I kept going and found a shimmery gold dress that seemed fashionable enough for Barbra.  Problem: Not my size.  I looked at the dress and its $14 price tag and decided it might work and tried it on.  Low and behold, it fit!

What a great feeling.  After losing nearly 30 pounds on the Ideal Protein diet, my clothes fit looser and some are just plain too big.  There’s also nothing better than discovering a new wardrobe in your own closet, especially when you’re a cheap non-fashionista like me.

I’m still looking to lose 10 more pounds, and this week was evidence that they aren’t going to come easy.  But I feel great and don’t look at pictures of myself and cringe.  And thanks to my little impromptu shopping trip, I saw firsthand evidence of how much smaller I am.  I needed that.

If you are interested in finding your ideal weight using Ideal Protein call the WMC Weight Management Program at (307) 577-2158.

 My Ideal Tracker – Week 9

Pounds lost this week: 0

Pounds lost so far: 28

Pounds to go: 10

Power tip: Cliché tip of the week – it’s not just about the weight, go by how you feel.


Finding my ideal weight

Mandy Cepeda is the senior manager of community development at Wyoming Medical Center and contributor to The Pulse.  After graduating from the University of Wyoming, she started her career as a copy editor at the Casper Star-Tribune over 10 years ago.  While she decided journalism was not for her, she married one of the photographers, Dan, in 2006. They enjoy a lovely life together with their pound-puppy mutt, Maddie.  

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