Kristy Bleizeffer

Kristy verticleKristy Bleizeffer is a writer and public relations rep for Wyoming Medical Center and editor of The Pulse. Previously, she worked at Wyoming newspapers for 12 years, most recently as features editor of the Casper Star-Tribune. She enjoys working in her garden until July when she falls woefully behind and vows to do better next year. She is mother to a son and step-son.

Valerie Hess
Valerie HessValerie Hess is project coordinator for the Community Development Office. In her six-year career at Wyoming Medical Center, she has worked in quality and regulatory, nursing administration and administration. She found her passion in the Community Development Office and now leads the hospital’s social media platforms. She is pursuing her degree in business administration. She is the mother of a spunky 2-year-old daughter and considers herself a closet video-gamer.

Mandy Cepeda
Mandy CepedaMandy Cepeda is the senior manager of community development at Wyoming Medical Center and contributor to The Pulse.  After graduating from the University of Wyoming, she started her career as a copy editor at the Casper Star-Tribune over 10 years ago.  While she decided journalism was not for her, she married one of the photographers, Dan, in 2006. They enjoy a lovely life together with their pound-puppy mutt, Maddie.

Vickie Diamond
Vickie Diamond 8-10Vickie Diamond was appointed president and CEO of Wyoming Medical Center in February 2008. She has been instrumental in networking Wyoming’s critical access hospitals and helped to form the Wyoming Integrated Care Network, a group of hospitals and other organizations that came together in an effort to unite Wyoming hospitals. Before becoming president and CEO of Wyoming Medical Center, she was a family nurse practitioner and also served as senior vice president of patient care services, chief nursing officer and chief operating officer. Diamond received her B.S. in Nursing in 1969 and an M.S. in Nursing in 1985 from the University of Colorado, Denver.

Alisha Havens
Alisha HavensWMC Foundation Development Director

Andrea Bitner
Andrea is a paramedic at Wyoming Medical Center.

Cindy Toland 
Cindy-TolandCindy Toland has been with Wyoming Medical Center for seven years now. She is the Safe Communities Coordinator for Region 2 in Wyoming, covering Natrona, Converse, Niobrara and Platte counties.  She enjoys partnering with several community organizations in educating Wyoming residents on the dangers of distracted and impaired driving, and the importance of using seat belts and car seats.

Eric Valdez
Eric Valdez has been a graphic designer for 23 years, 15 as art director for Wyoming Medical Center. He has a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Columbus College of Art & Design. After college, he ventured forth to find a job in the big city, but a job in Casper found him. He has been here ever since. He enjoys working with many types of media, from pen and ink to digital. He believes that peanut-butter-and-jelly is one of the best meals ever invented, appropriate for anytime of day.

Jennifer S.
Jennifer is a Casper native and attended school at Casper College, University of Wyoming, and then received her Master’s degree from University of Kansas Medical Center. She has been practicing dietetics with a special interest in diabetes education for the past 12 years. She enjoy cooking, reading, bicycling, yoga and music.

Jillian Riddle
JillianJillian Riddle is the volunteer coordinator for Wyoming Medical Center and the Angels Cancer Care coordinator with the Wyoming Medical Center Foundation. She is a native of North Carolina with a love for the outdoors. She has one daughter, Princess Petunia Pants, and an awesome husband.

Lisa Jackson
Physician Liaison

Mary Tvedt
Mary Tvedt is a certified diabetes educator and has managed the Diabetes Care Center at Wyoming Medical Center for the past seven years. She has a bachelor’s degree in foods and human nutrition with a minor in child development and family science from North Dakota State University. Prior to moving to Wyoming, she was a consultant dietitian for various health programs in rural Montana. Known for her creativity, sje enjoys presenting at workshops and health fairs. She volunteers with the Lions Club’s Diabetes Awareness Program and local 4-H programs.

Pam Evert
Pam EvertPam Evert is the Safe Communities Program Director for WMC Safe Kids and Safe Communities. She has worked for WMC more than 21 years and is committed to improving community health in any way possible. She is married with two children and six grandkids. She enjoys the great Wyoming outdoors.

Runge Baxter
Safe Kids Coordinator

Sarah Boomgarden
Sarah-BoomgardenSarah Boomgarden is the foundation assistant at Wyoming Medical Center Foundation. Before taking her current position in the fall of 2012, she worked for three years in the WMC Employee Services Department. Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in communication with a minor in marketing from the University of Wyoming. She loves to bake, spend time with her husband and volunteer with Campus Ventures at Casper College.

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