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One of us: Wyoming Medical Center employee becomes a U.S. citizen

Written by Cornell Colbert,  Director of Food and Nutrition Services at Wyoming Medical Center 

Wyoming Medical Center room service associate Teresita “Ching” De Guzman holds her citizenship certificate on Monday. She is pictured with her husband, Domingo, at left, and post author Cornell Colbert, Director of Food and Nutrition Services at Wyoming Medical Center.
Teresita “Ching” De Guzman raises her hand for her citizenship oath on Monday.

Monday, I witnessed something truly special.

One of our room service associates, Teresita “Ching”  De Guzman, became an American citizen. She was among 21 others from 11 different countries who pledged their allegiance to the American way of life.

Most of us reading this message were lucky enough to be born here. We didn’t have to travel great distances, take tests, or pass background tests to enjoy the benefits and privileges of being an American.

At the ceremony, I thought of the challenges before us and compared them to the challenges of those who worked so hard to join this community. What I realized was that, despite whatever hardships we may think we are enduring, those whom I witnessed Monday happily accepted the hardships just for the opportunity of being a part of what we are.

Let’s be thankful today and moving forward, because there are so many wishing that they had both our blessings and our difficulties.

Cornell Colbert has been Wyoming Medical Center’s director of Food and Nutrition Services since December 2012. He has a passion for seeing employees reach their fullest potential at work and in life. He has served on the Sodexo Cross Market Diversity Competency Council, as a leadership mentor and coach, on the board of the Colorado Springs Diversity Forum, and as an urban missionary to the Asian community in Philadelphia.

Scroll through for more photos from Teresita “Ching”  De Guzman’s citizen ceremony.

Teresita “Ching” De Guzman is seen with family and friends at her ceremony on Monday. Her daughter, Acel Carlin, is waiving the flag. Associate pastor Angela Hekgler is in the foreground.
Teresita “Ching” De Guzman holds up her certificate of citizenship at the ceremony on Monday. She told the crowd about how proud she was to be an American and what it means to those in her family and church and to those she knows in the Philippines.
Teresita “Ching” De Guzman poses with Magistrate Kelly Rankin.