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Concussion Monday: What athletes should know

For our fifth installment in #ConcussionMonday, Dr. David Wheeler, a neurologist with Wyoming Medical Center and Wyoming Neurologic Associates, talks about the dangers of concussion in football and other sports. It’s not just the hard, helmet-smacking hits that players need to worry about. Any sudden deceleration of the head can cause the brain to slosh around inside the skull. This can cause minor bruising that can have lasting effects. Watch the video to learn about multiple traumatic brain injury (MTBI) and other precautions of which young athletes should be aware.

#ConcussionMonday is an initiative started by Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center to raise awareness about concussion and traumatic brain injury on social media. Hospitals and medical centers across the country use #ConcussionMonday on Twitter to link to education and reminders about concussion prevention.  Read our past posts below: Week 4: How does a concussion happen? Week 3: What parents should know  Week 2: Neurologist Dr. David Wheeler talks symptoms and treatments Week 1: A high school coach’s guide to recognizing concussions